Non Bank Lending for Melbourne

What could you achieve if you had the backing of a family office? We provide urgent no credit check, no doc private lending solutions for Melbourne businesses & property developers.

Royce Stone Capital lets you work directly with a family office that are exclusively part of the RSC family. What this means is that you can get urgent funds, get better terms and develop a long term relationship with a coaligned capital partner! Where could you be with that sort of backing? Speak with us today!


Tailored first mortgage private loans, backed by family offices with market leading terms

Move forward with confidence and capital certainty because you'll be funded by a family office. Get a tailored private first mortgage loan, with market leading terms that is made for you! We get rid of the deal headache for you with most loan valuations being done in house, with no credit checks and a no doc loan that is priced so you can move forward with confidence. Experience the benefit of having a family office as a capital partner.

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2 / 8Private Lending - Second Mortgage Private Loans

Tailored second mortgage loans for urgent business funding.

Move forward with the certainty you require for your next second mortgage private loan, because you'll be funded by a family office that is part of the Royce Stone Capital Family. Whether it is for business funding or property development, you can get a tailored no doc loan, with no credit check, that provides immediate funds. Our unique methodology of providing second mortgage loans means we are one of the very few players that can make sure you have landed funds in your account within the week!

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3 / 8Private Lending - Bridging Loans

Urgent Bridging Loans For Businesses and Investors

Get the urgent bridging finance that you need, to help solve your cashflow problem. Funded by family offices, you can have certainity that the funds are there, providing adquate security exists. Whether you're a business borrower or an investor, we can settle in as little as five business days, and often without an external valuation on as is assets, saving you time and money.

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4 / 8Private Lending - Property Development Funding

Private Property Development and Construction Funding, Provided By Family Offices.

With direct backing from multiple family offices and wholesale funds, we can source the right capital for your next property development project. Whether its for site acquisition, or construction funding, we have the right family office to back your next project. We also have family offices that can enable underwriting (pre-sales)! What this all means, is that you can achieve things that other property developers can’t and move forward with certainty!

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5 / 8Private Lending - SMSF LRBA Loans

SMSF Loans / Self Managed Super Fund Loans.

We offer short to medium term SMSF loans that are interest only, without the prerequisites of liquidity, or minimum SMSF fund size that are required by other major funders. Whether you are using your SMSF to reduce your effective tax rate, or to maximise your wealth. You can have delivered funds through us in your account, quicker than the time it takes to meet your bank manager!

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6 / 8Private Lending - Heritage Plates Lending

Heritage Plates Lending, A First Of Its Kind.

We are the only player in the market that offers a funding solution against Victorian Heritage Number Plates and other alternative assets for business owners. Using RSC you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we take your ambitions into consideration, and will tailor a funding solution for your specific requirements! What this means, is that we can source capital for you when in other instances you would not be able to get funding, providing sufficient security exists.

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7 / 8Private Lending - Property Development Equity Shortfall

Property Development Equity Shorftall - JVs

Our equity shorfall product is a strategic joint venture we create between property developers that may have an equity shortfall, with builders and family offices that have strong balance sheets. In essence for projects that are within a 6-month timeframe of starting, we can help fill an equity shortfall for Melbourne based projects under certain conditions.

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8 / 8Private Lending - Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing - Non Property Backed

Get exclusive access to wholesale private invoice financing funds that mortgage brokers don't have access to and solve your business cash flow problems today! The private funds we work with offer far easier terms than banks or second tiers, without the requirement of a property guarantee! Get 80% to 90% of invoice amounts funded upfront and only pay interest on drawn down funds you use! Grow your business with a discreet invoice financing facility, that your customers won't know about!

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Working with a standard private lender vs family office in Melbourne

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A Private Lender Who Understands You

At Royce Stone Capital, we have created a unique eco system of family office investors and lenders, to develop tailored solutions for unique situations. A major part of this is aligning you with the right partners, that understand you, your ambitions and individual project.
A major reason deals often fail, is because they don't have the right financing partner siting opposite them, that actually understands their project and the risk involved. Not having the right partner, can often mean the funding partner can perceive greater levels of risk, that is actually present. With Royce Stone Capital, we engineer financing solutions, to suit both parties, and we ensure the right private financing partner is there with you for your project!

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Immediate Access To Private Funds

We understand your needs for urgent private funding, because we realise that any delay in funds can cause you to lose an opportunity to make money or to solve a critical funding problem. We have a strong focus on minimizing unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. The family office and HNW investors we work with, understand this critical element for your success. That is why the majority our deals, are no credit check and no doc loans! We directly link you with the owner of whose capital it is (the decision maker)! Because of this we avoid investment committees and "panels" , that most private funds have, which unnecessarily slows down the funding process and further complicates deals.

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Tailored Private Loans, For Your Needs!

Your business opportunity to make money or financial problem to solve, is unique to you. That is why we tailor and financially engineer terms, that are made for your specific circumstances! We are able to engineer and structure deals, in such a way, that we can make it compelling for people to support you! Because we work directly with the owners of whose capital it is (family office and HNW investors), we can design terms, that most other players in the market can't! Our unique private lending offerings that only we do, is just a glimpse of what we can do for you! Working with us, you will have business friendly borrowing terms, and have full confidence that you will have a long term funding partner who will want you to succeed.

What is private lending?

Private lending is where a private finance business, institution, family office or HNW investor directly provide their own capital to borrowers, without the limitations of banking requirements or regulations. Because it is a private market, different lenders have different criteria for various transactions. These transactions are usually for commercial reasons and fall outside of bank lending laws. The private lending market is known as the secondary lending market, or shadow banking system, and is an integral to providing liquidity to the overall financial system. Without it the banking system wouldn't survive, as the private lending market takes on transactions that carry a higher risk profile, than mainstream banking transactions. We provide private mortgages, to businesses and investors, that require funds for commercial reasons. Because we work with family offices we can provide solutions that most lenders can’t, urgent capital at short notice and capital that is coaligned for the long term. Speak to us today, to see the difference.

Who is eligible for private lending?

Royce Stone Capital provides private mortgages for business owners, property developers and investors who require to borrow funds for commercial reasons. Because our investor base is family offices and HNW investors, we understand the challenges faced by those in business, and we provide coaligned solutions to ensure you success. To be eligible, you must have a borrowing entity that is a ABN, company or trust structure and the use of funds must be for commercial purposes only. Speak to use today, so we can make sure you get the best solution for your situation.

What is the difference between bank lending and private lending?

Bank loans have to follow responsible legal lending laws and self-imposed lending metrics, which means they are inflexible in providing solutions to business borrowers. This includes security requirements, credit checks, serviceability requirements and extensive documentation. These solutions often take months to get approved, but come with the benefit of a lower cost of capital. On the other hand, private lenders usually provide funds within the fortnight, have flexible repayment options, and have less stricter lending metrics regarding serviceability. With these benefits, comes a higher direct lending cost. However, one thing that is often overlooked, is there is a high opportunity cost with bank funding. To demonstrate serviceability, you must crystalise profits sooner, which means paying more tax. Furthermore, the time it takes to get funding from a bank, could mean you miss out on business opportunities. So, in many respects private lending is often cheaper when all factors are considered for short to medium term debt compared to a bank. At Royce Stone Capital we provide no credit check, no doc loans, which means we only look at the quality of the security and exit strategy. This means we can provide you with delivered funds, quicker than you can meet your bank manager. Speak to us today!