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We are a financial, investment & advisory firm working with businesses that do up to $100M and family offices. Whether you're starting a new business, or are planning to exit from one, we can help.

Business advisors come in many forms and our speciality is corporate structures, corporate finance and non-traditional sources of funding. Whether you're looking to protect assets, maximise borrowing, raise capital or become exit ready as a potential acquisition target, we have the solutions to take you there. We work with family offices, PE firms , wholesale fund managers and larger investment firms to ensure that a solution is tailored for you!

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Business Advisory - Join The Top Half Percent.

Get the advice your business needs to manifest its full potential! We don’t just advise, we provide corporate and capital solutions that manifest a clients full potential. Accountants understand tax, but not lending. Lawyers understanding asset protection, but not tax or lending. We understand corporate finance, maximising borrowing capacity, private equity, government grants and how to maximise the future sale value of your business. Because we are an investment, funding and advisory firm we look at things holistically and provide solutions, not just advice.

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Corporate Advisory Services

Royce Stone Capital offers tailored corporate advisory services for businesses, with a focus on creating growth roadmaps and providing a range of capital solutions. Whilst we offer traditional M&A advisory services, our difference is our focus on growth solutions that maximize the value of businesses to investors and owners. Our solutions are holistic and measurable.

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Our business advisory services are holistic in nature

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Holistic business advisory

Unfortunately, all too often business advisors will only provide pigeonhole advice without any consideration for how other parts of the business are impacted. Worse yet, they provide advice without solutions. Because we have helped businesses scale to $100M, we know what businesses need to win! We not only advise, but we also provide real world capital solutions. More importantly, we measure twice and cut once! Before implementing any solution, we review the other parts of the business and its structures that will be impacted. We bring in the right legal and accounting advice, or work with your existing professionals to give you comfort that your interests are protected.

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We aren't just advisors, we provide capital solutions.

At RSC our primary business is the provision of capital solutions for businesses doing up to $100 million in revenue, and investment services for family offices. Because of this, our advice comes from servicing the demands of rapidly growing businesses or businesses going through a turn around. Our advice is tied to our financial solutions, and because of this you can be confident that we are putting our money where our mouth is!

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Business advisory focused on long term growth!

Because we provide capital solutions and have access to non-traditional capital. Our advisory services are primarily focused on how we can help grow your business, protect assets, and create structures to maximise the amount of capital you can borrow or source from investors. We provide solutions that help you to engineer your business in such a way, that it can become a sought-after acquisition target by major players. Ensuring your business is exit ready, is done from day 1, so whether you decide to exit in 6 months or 20 years, you have what you need in place for a high conviction exit.

What can a business advisor do?

There are many form of business advisors, with different specialities. Some specialise in tax, law, intellectual property, finance ,wealth management, financial planning and insurance etc. At Royce Stone Capital we specialise in corporate structures for business, corporate finance, shareholder negotiations and sourcing non-traditional sources of capital.

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What is the difference between business advisory vs corporate advisory

Corporate advisory has to do more with corporate finance solutions, and how the business is interacting with the external world. This covers things like mergers and acquisitions, raising capital from shareholders, the rules that shareholders will follow and corporate finance solutions the business needs to thrive. Business advisory tends to focus more on aspects of the business that are internal such as its own structures, debt funding from traditional and non-traditional sources, grants, taxation, legal hygiene, bookkeeping, business intellectual property, cash flow management etc.

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