Our Mission

We ensure that businesses have the right advice and capital solutions to achieve their growth aspirations.

Business Road Maps

Corporate Solutions That Provide Certainity

Whether our clients are going through a growth or transformation of their business, we create tailored road maps for our clients to have certainty of their future. Our road maps cover capital funding, deployment of capital and how the business can maximise its value through IPO or sale to private equity groups. By creating roadmaps that carefully articulate the journey ahead, our clients have the confidence to move forward. Part of what we do is listed below.

  • Road map creation.
  • Capital sourcing including bank funding, capital raising and other non traditional sources.
  • Commercialisation and project realisation.
  • Corporate Structures.
  • Board appointments.
  • Acquisitions, joint ventures or mergers.
  • Sale to PE groups or IPOs.

Clients that work with us will have access to our network of various wholesale investors including family offices, brokers, and fund managers.

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Certainty requires coalignment

Coaligned Capital

Certainty can only exist through coalignment between businesses that require funds and the providers of capital. Achieving long term coalignment between parties is not easy, and we specialise in creating coalignment between the right parties on both sides of the transaction. Below are just a few of the areas we look at in order to create coalignment.

  • Business and vision coalignment with investors or financiers.
  • investment time horizon and demands.
  • Debt capital vs equity capital, and the respective cost of either.
  • Cost of debt vs return on capital.
  • Funds utilisation within the business and recycling of funds.

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Effective Financial Management

We believe strong balance sheets are a result of good commercial acumen and the ability to effectively utilise capital. In this respect we can advise businesses how best they can utilise and manage their existing funds, to maximise their funding potential to accelerate their growth.

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Corporate Structures

We ensure that our client's corporate structures are properly set up so they can evolve from private businesses into listed companies or the exit of their choice. We also aim to create the corporate structures to minimise tax and maximise a range of funding options to accelerate the growth of the business.

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Friendly Capital

We source friendly capital that is coaligned with the ambitions of our business clients for each stage of their growth. This ensures we can provide various sources of capital for businesses as they evolve, from small to large businesses.