Urgent Non Bank Loans For Sydney

Private Lending In Sydney: The Benefits

A private loan is funded by a non bank party that can be an institution, private fund, wealthy individual or family office. At Royce Stone Capital we source our funds directly from a range of family offices, that understand the challenges faced by Sydney business owners. We create tailored first mortgage private loans and second mortgage private loans, designed to meet your unique situation! With no credit checks and no financials. Our direct access to Australian family offices ensures a streamlined process providing you with immediate funds! Get in touch with us for an immediate funding solution!

First Mortgage Private Loans for Sydney Businesses

Private First Mortgage Loans Made For Sydney

Move forward with confidence and capital certainty because you'll be funded by a family office that is part of the RSC family in Sydney. Get a tailored private first mortgage loan, with market leading terms that is made for you! We get rid of the deal headache for you with most loan valuations being done in house, with no credit checks and a no doc loan that is priced so you can move forward with confidence. Experience the benefit of having a family office as a capital partner so you can solve your cash flow problems or secure investment opportunites to grow your wealth!

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Urgent Business & Investment Loans for Sydney

Bespoke Second Mortgage Loans Made For Sydney

Move forward with the certainty you require for your next second mortgage private loan, because you'll be funded by a family office or wholesale fund that is part of the Royce Stone Capital Family in Sydney. Whether it is for business funding or property development in Sydney, you can get a tailored no doc loan, with no credit check, that provides immediate funds! Our unique methodology of providing second mortgage loans in Sydney means we are one of the very few players in the market, that can make sure you have landed funds in your account within the 7 business days! Solve immediate cashflow problems, or use the funds to take advantage of business opportunities!

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Making Private Lending Easy For Sydney

Application Process For Your Private Loan

At Royce Stone Capital because of the family offices we work with in Sydney and around Australia we have a unique streamlined methodology of providing first mortgage and second mortgage loans. This process keeps the process simple and gets rid of all the red tape, that banks and other lenders have. Our initial DD is comprised of the below.

  • We do the initial due diligence to ensure the deal stacks up for all parties.
  • We provide initial terms, to ensure you are satisfied, and that the deal meets your requirements.
  • The family offices we work with conduct an internal valuation (9 times out of 10, external valuations aren't required, thus saving you time and money.
  • We require a borrowing entity usually a company or trust.
  • We require a copy of your ID.
  • We require an exit plan (how you will repay the funds) and what the funds will be used for.

    Work with us today, to discover a new way of private lending, tailored for you!

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    The Benefits Of Private Lending With Us

    The RSC Advantage: Funded by Private Sydney Families, For Sydney.

    A major advantage of working with Royce Stone Capital, is because we work with family offices in Sydney and around Australia. We have the ability to match your deal with the right investor or funders. This in turn gives you more favourable deal terms, a tailored loan made for you, urgent funds delivered as needed and coalignment for future deals! Whether it is for a business cashflow, refinance, investment, equity release or property development purposes, you can move forward with certainty!

    • Use funds to get you out of cashflow problems by releasing equity when the bank won't lend you funds.
    • Use the funds to invest into business opportunities to help you realize profits.
    • Borrow funds to do property development or renovations for commercial reasons.
    • Secure a an exclusive network of family offices and HNW investors who you to win, and who understand your ambitions.

    Contact us today, so we can get you immediate access to funds!

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    The right capital partner foryour private loan.

    At Royce Stone Capital, we excel in establishing a unique ecosystem where borrowers can secure funds directly from the source - family offices or high-net-worth individuals based in Melbourne or Sydney, and other parts of the east coast of Australia. This direct approach means you work closely with a capital partner who understands your ambitions, but also knows the geography of the deal and the issues surrounding the deal.
    Our specialisation in private lending for Sydney ensures that you're not just obtaining a loan; you're entering into a partnership with a lender who wants to support your long term growth. Experience the difference of a financial solution that truly understands you and your private lending needs.

    The urgent private business funding you need

    We understand your needs for urgent private funding in Sydney, because we realise that any delay in funds can cause you to lose an opportunity to make money or to solve a critical funding problem. We have a strong focus on minimizing unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. The family office and HNW investors we work with, understand this critical element for your success. That is why the majority our deals, are no credit check and no doc loans! We directly link you with the owner of whose capital it is (the decision maker), and usually they are located where your loan is taking place! Because of this we avoid investment committees and "panels" , that most private funds have, which unnecessarily slows down the funding process and further complicates deals.

    Tailored Private Loans, For Your Needs!

    Your business opportunity to make money or financial problem to solve, is unique to you. That is why we tailor and financially engineer terms, that are made for your specific circumstances! We are able to engineer and structure deals, in such a way, that we can make it compelling for people to support you! Because we work directly with the owners of whose capital it is (family office and HNW investors), we can design terms, that most other players in the market can't! Our unique private lending offerings that only we do, is just a glimpse of what we can do for you! Working with us, you will have business friendly borrowing terms, and have full confidence that you will have a long term funding partner who will want you to succeed.

    What are private lending rates for Sydney?

    A private loan is usually more expensive than a bank loan on face value based off interest rates, but it is cheaper in terms of the opportunity cost. As private lenders take on deals and more risk than what a bank can, helping borrowers to get funds when they otherwise couldn't.

    Think of the upside of solving your cashflow problems, or being able to take advantage of business opportunities and the profit you’d make if you had access to capital!

    Usually first mortgage private loans work on a 4% to 8% margin that is higher than BBSW rate / RBA rate. Depending on the asset class, risk, term of the loan and LVR of the loan.

    Usually second mortgage private loans work on a 12% to 20% margin that is higher tha the BBSW rate / RBA rate. Depending on the asset class, risk, term of the loan and LVR of the loan. As second mortgage loans carry more risk, because they rank behind the rights of the first mortgage holder (and suffer to lose more if thing go wrong) they are more expensive.

    What this means for borrowers, is that as interest rates go up at a bank level, many private lenders also adjust their own rates to become more competitive with a bank, as the difference between bank rates and private rates gets smaller. The cost of capital usually depends on where capital is sourced from, which is why we source capital from a family office to get you the lowest cost of capital.