What Is A First Mortgage Private Loan And The Benefit of Them?

A first mortgage private loan is funded by a non bank party that can be an institution, private fund or wealthy individual. At Royce Stone Capital, we source our funds directly from a family office, that understand the challenges faced by business owners. We create tailored first mortgage private loans, designed to meet your unique financial needs, with no credit checks and no financials. Our direct access to family offices ensures a streamlined process, providing you with immediate funds. This direct connection not only expedites the funding process but also results in a lower cost of capital for you. Get in touch with us for an immediate funding solution!

First Mortgage Private Loans Made For Melbourne

Bespoke First Mortgage Loans Delivered As Needed

Getting a first mortgage private loan with Royce Stone Capital, will ensure three things. Firstly, you'll get a bespoke loan for your situation, with people that understand business. Secondly, you'll have certainty of funding being provided in an urgent fashion to meet your needs, because of the family offices we work with. Thirdly you'll have access to long term family office capital, that want to back good business operators and offer better terms as a function of time. All of our client relationships go into years and are rarely a one off.

  • Settlement within 7 business days or less.
  • Loans up to $20M
  • Low market rates
  • Interest only loans or capitalised interest.
  • Higher LVRs than most first private mortgage lenders.
  • Accept various forms of property security, that most banks don't look at.

Work with us today, to discover a new way of private lending, tailored for you!

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When To Use A First Mortgage Private Loan

First mortgage private loans serve as an optimal solution for short to medium-term financial needs, typically spanning from 3 months to 2 years. These loans are designed to address business cash flow challenges, provide swift liquidity in urgent situations, or empower investors and developers to conduct transactions seamlessly. All of this is free from the constraints of traditional banking and second tier lenders. Experience the flexibility and convenience of our tailored financial solutions.

  • Refinance for investment properties.
  • Finance for investment properties.
  • Borrowing against property assets for cash flow.
  • Land banking.
  • Borrowing against assets.
  • When urgent funding is required for business cashflow.

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Application Process For Your First Mortgage Private Loan

At Royce Stone Capital because of the family offices we work with, we have a unique streamlined methodology of providing first mortgage loans that keeps the process simple and get rid of all the red tape. Our initial DD is comprised of the below.

  • Our partners conduct an internal valuation (9 times out of 10, external valuations aren't required, thus saving you time and money.
  • We require a borrowing entity usually a company or trust.
  • We require a copy of your ID.
  • We require an exit plan (how you will repay the funds) and what the funds will be used for.

Work with us today, to discover a new way of private lending, tailored for you!

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Advantages of First Mortgage Finance With Royce Stone Capital

Getting a first mortgage private finance solution with Royce Stone capital, means you get the flexibility and urgent funds you require to succeed. Whether it is for a business cashflow, refinance, investment, equity release or property development purposes, you can move forward with confidence.

  • Use funds to get you out of cashflow problems by releasing equity when the bank won't lend you funds.
  • Use the funds to invest into business opportunities to help you realize profits.
  • Borrow funds to do property development or renovations for commercial reasons.
  • Secure a an exclusive network of family offices and HNW investors who you to win.

Contact us today, so we can get you immediate access to funds!

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The right capital partner for first mortgage private loans

At Royce Stone Capital, we excel in establishing a unique ecosystem where borrowers can secure funds directly from the source - family offices or high-net-worth individuals based in Melbourne or the east coast of Australia. This direct approach means you work closely with a capital partner who not only provides the funds for your first mortgage loan, but also possesses a deep understanding of your ambitions.
Our specialisation in first mortgage private lending ensures that you're not just obtaining a loan; you're entering into a partnership with a lender who wants to support your long term growth. Experience the difference of a financial solution that truly understands you and your first mortgage private loan needs.

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The urgent first mortgage private funds you need

With Royce Stone Capital, you gain the advantage of swift capital provision, even on short notice, thanks to our direct connection with family offices. This efficiency is a hallmark of our first mortgage private loan services, setting us apart from other providers who often get entangled in bureaucratic red tape. Our track record speaks for itself - we've successfully transacted and settled first mortgage deals within a mere 4-day window in urgent situations.
In most cases, our first mortgage transactions proceed smoothly without the typical complications of an investment committee review or external valuation. Experience the efficiency and speed of our first mortgage private lending services, designed to meet your urgent financial needs.

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Tailord first mortgage loans, made with decision makers.

Our business model is centred on facilitating direct interactions between borrowers and key decision-makers (family offices) for you first mortgage private loan. Unlike other private lenders that operate a fund, our approach ensures that you're dealing with the actual source of the funds. This direct connection allows for quicker negotiation of terms, better rates, and eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy.
Moreover, this approach fosters the establishment of long-term relationships with capital partners. Over time, this relationship builds trust and paves the way for increasingly favourable terms. Experience the benefits of a direct, transparent, and efficient first mortgage private lending process with Royce Stone Capital

What are the interest rates for first mortgages?

A first mortgage private loan is usually more expensive than a bank on face value based off interest rates, but it is cheaper in terms of the opportunity cost. As private lenders take on deals and more risk that a bank can't take on, helping borrowers to get funds when they otherwise can't.

Think of the upside of solving your cashflow problems, or being able to take advantage of business opportunities and the profit you’d make if you had access to capital!

Usually private loans work on a 4% to 8% margin that is higher than BBSW rate / RBA rate. Depending on the asset class, risk, term of the loan and LVR of the loan.

What this means for borrowers, is that as interest rates go up at a bank level, many private lenders become more competitive with a bank rate, as the difference between bank rates and private rates gets smaller. The cost of capital usually depends on where capital is sourced from, which is why we source capital from a family office to get you the lowest cost of capital.

What are the eligibility requirements for a first mortgage?

All our private first mortgage loans are for business or investment purposes only. To qualify for a loan with us is relatively simple, as we can do no doc , and no credit check loans.

1. You must have a ACN or ABN as a borrowing entity.

2. The funds must be for investment or business purposes.

3. You have security in the form of a first mortgage being provided with an adequate LVR - some deals we can go up to 80% LVR of the as is value.

4. You have an exit strategy to repay the loan (refinance, sale of asset, business venture).

5. You can service the interest cost or pay it in advance out of the loan amount.

What is a first mortgage loan?

A first mortgage private loan, is funded by a private lender, which can be a instituion, company, fund or individual that is of a high net worth capacity. At Royce Stone Capital our deals are funded by family offices only.

How quickly can a first morgage loan be funded?

How quickly can you put yor paperwork together? Usually we can settle deals within 5 business days if you move quickly.