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Why your next private first mortgage loan will be with Royce Stone Capital


Imagine your next first mortgage loan being like this

Imagine you pick up your phone, you call us, and you tell us that you need settled funds within the week for a private first mortgage loan to take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity. Imagine being able to sign the paperwork of the opportunity knowing in full certainty that a family office will have the funds in the solicitor’s trust account, before the legal paperwork is even ready!

Imagine not needing to waste time or extra funds on an external valuation, because the family office could do their own valuation internally.

Imagine not being asked too many questions or having unnecessary red tape to get the funds you needed, and the party at the table was there to support your success.

Imagine asking for a loan extension option period just in case you needed extra time to repay the funds, and it being granted as part of your loan.

Then imagine after the deal was done.

That if you asked for extra funds beyond your original LVR, you got the extra funds without the higher rate of a second mortgage, and at the same rate as your original first mortgage loan! All because you had a good relationship with the family office, and they wanted to see you win.

Imagine you were going to be late on two interest repayments due to something beyond your control, and you letting the family office know in advance. With them agreeing not charge you penalties and giving you the extra time you needed to rehabilitate your situation.

Imagine if you will, that your first mortgage loan matured, beyond your option period, and you needed an extra two months, and the family office didn’t charge you fees for a new loan.

Then finally, imagine after a few transactions that family office gained trust in you, and started doing JVs with you!

Now imagine all of that, and what you could achieve?

How would you feel having access to capital like that and people that wanted to support you.

Is it even possible?

The short answer is yes!

At Royce Stone Capital and our private lending solutions, it is!

The above aren’t hypotheticals, they are genuine scenarios that we’ve been part of.

Coaligned private lending solutions

Welcome to our world, where we believe in aligning good business operators, with good family offices that want to back the right people.

That’s because the family offices that we chose to work with, have similar values to us, they believe in long term coaligned partnerships. Their capital isn’t predatory in nature. It is coaligned patient capital!

What is unique about patient capital? It is capital that family offices are willing to provide good terms on, providing it produces a fair return without headaches!

Good family offices recognise that giving favourable terms to a good borrower, is far better than selling capital at a higher price to a potentially problem child client. Because the problem child will cost them more in the long run, through admin costs, time wasted, and unnecessary distraction from their other money making activities.

Funding sources for your first mortgage loan

This is why with private lending; it is so important you know where the capital is coming from, providing you're also a good borrower. If someone is looking to make a quick buck off private lending by continuously recycling loans to get more app fees and charge penalties, that is not a coaligned party.

A good family office will want to see you win. You not being a headache to them, is a form of extra interest for them, because it allows them to focus on their core businesses.

Most family offices engage in private lending because it is safe investment strategy to park capital into and lets them earn a higher return than the bond rate. They prefer private lending, providing it doesn't come with too much inconvenience or unnecessary headaches, but it isn't their core money maker.

Having coaligned capital partners for your private lending needs is crucial to your success! But you won’t know until after you have sign the dotted line how coaligned they are in most cases.

We work only with reputable family offices, that have created their own wealth and understand the challenges faced by business owners.

If you’d like to thrive and have the confidence of a family office backing you, contact us for a confidential discussion.

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