Tailored SMSF Loans

What is a SMSF loan and the benefit of them?

A self managed super fund (SMSF) loan with a LRBA (limited recourse borrowing arrangement), is a financial product that offers self managed super funds a borrowing solution so they can acquire assets. The Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act has strict rules about how these arrangements must be done, with strict limitations on lender rights. Mainly, that a lender's only form of recourse for th loan is the asset that is funded by the lender, that sits in a bare trust within the SMSF. As such very few lenders offer SMSF loans. We are one of the very few that offers a unique solution without all the prerequisites of a bank! Contact us today to get a SMSF loan without all the headaches!

SMSF Loans Without The Red Tape

Unique SMSF Loans without the bank drama

We wanted to offer borrowers the ability to get a self managed super fund loan without all the dramas of a bank. Which is why our deals are funded by family offices that understand the needs of investors. This means more money to you, quicker delivery of funds and without the drama. We essentially wanted to help borrowers get a loan, without the liquidity and SMSF size hurdle requirements that other lenders have. Key features of our loans are:

  • Minimal documentation is required.
  • Interest only repayments or capitalised.
  • We can settle deals in a matter of 6 working days.
  • Ideal for 3 months to 3 years.
  • Loans up to $10M

Work with us to get an SMSF loan that meets your needs!

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How To Use Your Self Managed Super Fund

When to use a SMSF loan with Royce Stone Capital?

Self managed super fund loans are a powerful way to maximise your wealth, reduce your effective tax rate and have a degree of asset protection. Both business owners and investors use RSC SMSF loans to reduce cash flow issues within their SMSF. As such the loans we provide are for 3 months to 3 years in term and are interest only. A few examples of when to use a SMSF loan are below.

  1. Business owners use SMSFs to acquire their businesses premises. This then requires a market rate of rent to be paid to the SMSF. The income in the SMSF is taxed at the applicable SMSF rate instead of the company tax rate!
  2. Business owners use the self managed super fund structure as a form of asset protection to protect their assets from other creditors (speak to your lawyer).
  3. Investors use the SMSF structure and use SMSF loans to acquire investment properties to grow their wealth, whilst having income taxed at the SMSF rate.
  4. There are ways the SMSF can be used for property development, and to help put funds in the SMSF to use (speak to your accountant and lawyer).

Work with us today, so you can get the full benefits of a SMSF structure!

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We make SMSF loans easy

Application process for your SMSF loan without the drama

At Royce Stone Capital because of the family offices we work with, our application process for self managed super funds loans are very simple and straight forward. We've made the process easy and drama free, so you can get on with your life.

Our initial DD is comprised of the below.

  • Our partners conduct an internal valuation (9 times out of 10, external valuations aren't required, thus saving you time and money.
  • We require the SMSF details, and bare trust details.
  • We require a copy of your ID.
  • We require an exit plan (how you will repay the funds).
  • We require the up-to-date audit and tax returns of the SMSF.

When you think about it, this is very simple compared to most major lenders!

    Work with us to get an SMSF loan that meets your needs!

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    Urgent SMSF Loans

    Advantages of SMSF Loans with Royce Stone Capital

    Getting a SMSF loan solution with Royce Stone capital, means you get the flexibility and urgent funds you require to succeed. Whether it is for a business, investment or asset protection reasons, you can move forward with confidence to grow you wealth!

    • Secure an exclusive network of family offices to fund your deal who want you to win.
    • Use the funds to invest and grow your wealth.
    • Get the certainty of funding that you deserve, without the headaches of a credit committee.
    • Interest only to save you on cash flow.

    Work with us to get an SMSF loan that meets your needs!

    Tactial opportunities

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    The right capital partner for your SMSF loan

    At Royce Stone Capital, we excel in establishing a unique ecosystem where borrowers can secure funds directly from the source - family offices based in Melbourne or the east coast of Australia. This allows you to work with a capital partner, who understands your requirements and will provide you with the certainty of funding that you require.
    Our specialisation in SMSF loans, means that you’re not just obtaining a loan; you're entering into a partnership with a capital partner who understands what you specifically need. Experience the difference of a financial solution that truly understands you and your unique SMSF ambitions.

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    Urgent SMSF funding as you need it

    With Royce Stone Capital you gain the advantage of urgent funds being provided to you, due to our direct connection with family offices. This efficiency sets us apart from other providers who often get entangled in bureaucratic red tape of their fund mandate or bank credit committee. Our track record speaks for itself - we've successfully transacted and settled SMSF deals within 5 business days, when urgently required.
    In most cases, our SMSF loans proceed without the bureaucracy of second tiers or banks that provide SMSF loans. This is because we have managed to get rid of many of the prerequisites that many SMSF providers have, and because we have access to patient capital through the family offices we work with, who have funds on the ready to be deployed.

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    Tailord SMSF loans, made with decision makers for you!

    Our business model is centred on facilitating direct relationships between borrowers and family offices. Unlike other private lenders or banks that operate a fund model that must follow a fixed mandate, our approach ensures that you're dealing with the actual source of the funds. Enjoy quicker negotiation of terms, a personalised experience, and elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy.
    Moreover, this approach fosters the establishment of long-term relationships with capital partners. Our SMSF loans are made for 6 months to 3 year terms that are interest only. This means they are ideal for those seeking an immediate capital injection, without the burden of principal reductions.

    What type of assets can i buy with a self managed super fund loan?

    Providing you have a SMSF, you may be able to get a SMSF LRBA loan. This is where you use your SMSF to take a loan from a lender to purchase an asset. There are very strict rules about what assets you can purchase within your SMSF, as stated by the SIS Act. For example, doing a property development within the SMSF and borrowing for a non-completed asset could be a breach. Or buying your personal place of residence in your SMSF to live in, would also be considered a breach. One of the main features of assets purchased in an SMSF using a self managed super fund loan, is that the asset is complete, and is able to produce income. There are certain structures that may allow for certain transactions, however you must speak to your tax lawyer and accountant to confirm which assets may or may not be allowed according to the SIS Act .

    How much can i borrow with a SMSF Loan?

    With Royce Stone Capital and the family offices we work with, we provide loans in your SMSF up to $10M dollars and typically at a 65% to 70% LVR. The smallest loan we will look at is $200k.

    What is the minimum deposit for a self managed super fund loan?

    With Royce Stone Capital and the family offices we work with, we typically provide up to 70% of the funds you require to complete a purchase. This means the other 30% of the asset purchase must come from you.

    Can i use my SMSF / self managed super fund to purchase an investment property?

    Yes you can, and there are significant tax advantages to purchasing an investment within your self managed super fund. Look at your SMSF as a SPV - special purpose vehicle, that you can use to acquire and protect asset withs, whilst also getting a tax benefit from.