Business coaching based on real results

Business coaching from the top half percent.

We are firstly a financial, investment & advisory firm working with 8 figure entrepreneurs and family offices, which means we can do things that other coaching programs can't! Learning to play the game like the top half percent is critical to your success, which is why ensure you're coached by two 7 figure net profit making entrepreneurs! From the the start we measure twice and cut once. We conduct an audit of you and your business and then create a tailored strategy, program of work & tactical solutions that will manifest your success. Join our family today!

    We Coach, We JV, We Invest

    What Makes Our Coaching Unique? Long Term Coalignment!

    • We create a tailored program to ensure the right business fundamentals are put in place, and that your mindset is focused on manifesting your success.
    • You'll be coached by two 7 figure net profit making entrepreneurs. This will help you to adopt the 8 figure business mindset, and learn different techniques to grow.
    • We actively pursue joint venture and investment opportunities for you with our existing client base, through your membership of the RSC family.
    • We put our name or resources on the line, to get you lines of liquidity, to back your business growth when the banks won't.
    • You'll be coached by our CEO Tarek Omar, that advises family offices and businesses.
    • You'll be educated in the business structures, maximising borrowing capacity and grants, and strategies that we typically provide in our business advisory services!
          Business coaching that is tailored around you!

          The Method To Our Madness

          Our programs are tailored for each respective individual and their personal traits. The steps to joining our program are as follows:

          1. We first evaluate your needs to ensure we are a good fit for each other. As we like to work with clients that have the highest possibility of doing joint ventures with.
          2. We define your vision for yourself and business, to create a clear end state vision (ESV).
          3. We do an audit of your business fundamentals (financial, marketing, operations) and pain points, as well as your mental blocks, that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.
          4. We create a strategy and tactical solutions, for you and your business to get you to your ESV.
          5. You will get coached by two 7 figure net profit making entrepreneurs and our CEO, during the implementation stage of your program.
          6. We provide you with lines of liquidity, if needed to get you where you need to be, providing you meet our criteria.
          7. Following your 3 month intensive, you'll then have 3 monthly board meetings to make sure you're on track.
          8. You'll be made part of the RSC family, and are invited to our events, where we create opportunities for you in the background.
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                  Business Coaching for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

                  Unleashing your entrepreneurial mindset

                  Being a successful entrepreneur takes the right skills, a rare temperament, hard work, natural talents, being a rebel and the ability to see a vision others can't. Unfortunately schools and universities can't teach these skills. Only being around the right people can! Which is why we team you up with a mix of entrepreneurs who are part of the RSC family. You'll learn how each person approaches challenges and business differently, and their unique mindset of each entrepreneur. What this means is you'll learn from them:

                  • How to Grow and scale an 8 figure revenue business!
                  • How to face adversity, and the different avenues you can take to overcome them.
                  • How to build real relationships in business!
                  • How to market your business, and the unconventional hacks you can use!
                  • How to structure your business internally to drive optimal performance from employees.
                  • How to develop unique product niches, and dominate your market!
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                    Business coaching and your mindset

                    Business coaching for your You-niverse

                    You as a individual are your own You-niverse, and everything in your life good or bad, is a reflection of your You-niverse. Most business owners don't struggle with business fundamentals, they actually struggle with the noise in their own mind, habits holding them back, and worse yet fear or uncertainty! As part of your program, we work on:

                    • Your relationship with yourself. This includes your vices, and the ability for you to love you! If you can't love you, how will people buy you and what you are selling?
                    • Your perception of and belief in self. Without self-belief, and knowing you can do what seems improbable, your mental blocks will continue to hold you back.
                    • Your values and fundamentals, are you aligned with what you're trying to achieve?
                    • You being at peace with yourself, and having clarity of mind.
                    • How to handle stress and and more importantly how to decompress!
                    • Your diet and physical health. If your body is the temple that people meet, would people or a spouse want to visit it? If not, why would a customer?
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                      Be part of a family of entrepreneurs

                      What happens when your intensive finishes? Magic is the short answer!

                      A large part of the success behind Royce Stone Capital, is the family we have created of entrepreneurs and investors. On completion of your 3 months intensive, you'll then become a member of the Royce Stone Capital family. By this stage we would have vetted your character and abilities to fit into the team. This is when we actively:

                      • Look for JV opportunities between you and our existing clients to grow your revenue.
                      • Introduce you to our network, that you can eventually do business with.
                      • Find investment capital for your business to grow.
                      • Invite you to our quarterly dinners, so you can network with other members of the Royce Stone Capital family and discuss the challenges you're facing, and the wins you're having.
                      • Help you find the right advisors to sit on your board, and help you scale.
                      • Ensure you feel you are part of a family, that want you to win, and that you can call for advice when you need it.

                      Join the RSC family today!

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                        What is unique about our programs?

                        There is no one size fits all and that is why we tailor programs for you with different entrepreneurs and our CEO. By getting coached by various individuals, you start to pick up on different mental models and frames. You start to learn different approaches to tackling problems and growing a business. The whole point of having multiple entrepreneurs work with you, is to challenge your old mental models, so you can see things differently and grow. We do not shy away from the fact we will challenge you.

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                        What is unique about our coaches?

                        All of our coaches are part of the Royce Stone Capital family and have been clients of ours for many years. We've supported them through thick and thin, and we know them on a deep level as individuals. Our coaches are 7 figure net profit business owners, that have chosen to give up their time to help the next generation of entrepreneurs! Coaching is raw, direct and often challenging. Coaching is done on both a personal level and business level because your business is simply a reflection of you!

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                        What can i expect as part of my business coaching?

                        Our conversations are deep, to the point and they will challenge you mentally, and emotionally. The whole point, is we wish to bring out the authentic version of you as a leader. We then focus on your business principles and strategy, and what you need to do in your business to reach 8 figures revenue. Our coaching will ensure the best version of you comes out, whilst giving you the tools to grow your business.

                        When should i use a business coach?

                        A business coach should be used when you're feeling unsure of yourself, rapidly growing, stuck in a plateau or are facing turbulent times in your business. Skilled business coaches should come from a turbulent and successful past, as often turbulence is part of the journey. At Royce Stone Capital we make sure you get a mix of entrepreneurs to coach you, to advise you on a range of subjects. Because of our finance and investment background, we also have the funding solutions to help you during hard times, that most can't do!