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Why most business coaches will fail you & how to play like the best!


The problem with the business coaching industry!

There are numerous business coaching programs out there in the market and the reality is that most of them will fail you!

At the very root of the problem is the fact that most business coaches aren’t coaligned with your long-term success! This is for several reasons including:

  1. They aren’t financially invested in your business nor are they sharing in the risk!
  2. Most business coaches aren’t competent as entrepreneurs (they are often a one hit wonder).
  3. They are trying to fix a business problem, when in fact it is the individual’s mindset that needs to be coached first!
  4. They offer generic programs, made to be sold to a mass of people!

So, what makes a successful business coaching program????

Firstly, as part of your program you should have a successful entrepreneur that coaches you, that has consistently made 7 figures in net profit over the years! Just because they struck it lucky on one business, does not make them a success! In life there are plenty of one hit wonders, but few that have lasted the marathon! True entrepreneurs are serial in nature, they keep doing it over a lifetime, they can’t help but create! This can be externally with new businesses, or new product offerings in their existing business.

Secondly, the program should provide you with a good coach! Having the right mix between being guided by an entrepreneur and being coached, is imperative to your success! A good coach will be able to extract the very best out of you! Coaching is one skill, and running a business is another. Some entrepreneurs are good at both (as they get the best out of their employees). But for good measure, a separate coach should be involved as part of your program. This requires a degree of friction at times, to get people to question their current reality, whilst also using that friction to get them onto a new path! Being a coach also means, knowing when to be a student. Learning must be two ways, and this is when great ideas come about!

The third element that is critical as part of your coaching program, is that the program must work on your You-niverse. Businesses are simply a reflection of their creators, it is their art. Most business coaches try to solve the business issues, but not the core issue. Which is the mindset of the entrepreneur themselves. Your You-niverse is the single most important factor to your success! This covers everything from your thoughts of self, self-love, habits, diet, food, who you surround yourself with and above all your values! Being in alignment with your true nature, is critical to your success, which is why business coaching programs must be tailored for who you are!

Lack of financial coalignment from coaches!

The other major issue with business coaches today, is they are not financially coaligned in the long term with you!

  1. Have they financially put money into your business? In most cases no!
  2. Have they loaned money to your business and shared in the risk of your business succeeding? In most cases no!
  3. Is part or all of their remuneration based on equity holdings in your business (which would mean the only way they could make money is from the business being successful, issuing dividend distributions and having an increase in capital value)? In most causes no!
  4. Do they have any incentive payments tied to the upside of your business and its performance? In most cases no.

This is why there are major issues in the industry! There is no long term coalignment!

Sure, if you do well they will take credit for their amazing coaching, and you might even think it was because of them! But, if you give 1,000 people a placebo pill for a headache, 30% are bound to say it worked, and the coaching game is no different. Coach 1,000 people with a generic program and 30% will say it worked. Then suddenly, that coach becomes an “expert.”

What is even funnier now, is the steps some coaches will take to boost their publicity to come across as experts! Some coaches now appear on the front cover of a certain business magazines, from a country who has never issued such magazines!

Our CEO Tarek Omar, had an old MBA lecturer who was an engineer, and he used to say, “You can only manage what you measure. If you can’ measure it, you can’t manage it.”

What he was implying, was that if you have inputs into a process with no direct link and measurement of what they were contributing to the output, you were in the land of fugazi (something that is fake).

At Royce Stone Capital, we got sick of the fugazi in the market.

So, we decided to do something about it!

A better way of doing business coaching!

Is there a better way? Yes, and welcome to our family!

We decided to create an entrepreneur business coaching program, that couldn’t be rivalled and had 100% pure coalignment with the people we were coaching.

The reality is nothing beats creating long term coalignment!

Because Royce Stone Capital is an investment, advisory and financial services firm. We work with businesses doing up to $100M in revenue, and family offices. This is our family! This means our client base are usually in the top half percent of society! This has huge implications for our coaching programs and for you!

Ultimately what we want to do is foster the success of the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, and we want to contribute to their journey in more than one way. Our coaching programs help us to find future investment grade businesses that we can take to our network! This is done over the long term, not the short term. Short term our coaching programs aren’t a big money maker, but our long term coalignment with you, is what makes it profitable.

Think of our program as part mindset & business coaching, VC incubator, advisory & lending, joint venture revenue generator and VC investment all in one!

A coaching program like no other!

So how did we make our 3-month intensive coaching program (click here) radically different and coaligned with you?

  1. You will be coached by several RSC entrepreneur clients who are making 7 figures in net profit. Why more than one, because you need to see there is more than one way of making money and learn different ways of solving business challenges. It also creates the healthy friction we require, to ignite your growth!
  2. You’ll be coached by our CEO a leading advisor to rapidly growing businesses and family offices. Why our CEO, firstly because he is the confidant of entrepreneurs and family offices (their trusted right hand). Secondly, because there are structures and money games you need to learn, that most entrepreneurs aren’t aware of.
  3. We will actively align you with our clients, where JVs can be generated to drive your and their revenue growth!
  4. We can provide private debt capital and a range of financial solutions for your business to help it rapidly grow. This means we are sharing in the risk of your business!
  5. If your business is really good, we can then go to our network to raise investment funds for you. Don’t be surprised if your coach wants to invest in you! Once again, we are investing in you, sharing in risk, and putting our name on the line for you!
  6. We have options for certain clients where part of our fees, are paid for as equity in their business, and we then become married for life!
  7. You’ll be invited to our quarterly dinners, this will let you meet other entrepreneurs, network, do business and helps us align you with right investors. By being part of our family, we’ll actively look for opportunities to grow your top line revenue!
  8. When the program is over, you can either chose to keep us on a casual or formal basis, but fundamentally you’re still part of the family. We will check in on you, and we will still expect you to attend our dinners and keep us up to date of your performance.

When you put all of the above together, what you have is an intensive coaching program that will push you to grow, expand your mindset and see you succeed. Put simply, we can offer things, that other coaching programs can’t!

Expand your You-niverse and welcome to the family, read more about our program here!