Business advisory done differently

Business advisors with capital solutions

At Royce Stone Capital your business will not only grow, but it will also thrive! That is because we are one of the very few advisors that provides delivered capital solutions in addition to any advice we provide. In other words we back ourselves with solutions, not just "advice". Being part of Royce Stone Capital, means you'll be part of a family network focused on growth! Our solutions are focused on four core areas:

  • Vision, growth strategy, structures & governance.
  • Capital advisory (debt and equity).
  • Capital solutions (short term and long term capital).
  • Business exit readiness.

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Business advisory with purpose

Business advisory: vision, strategy, structures & governance.

Knowing where you are going and how you will get there is critical to your success! We work with you to define your vision, growth strategy and the tactical solutions you need to deliver on that strategy. Getting your vision and strategy right is imperative to your success, as it will permeate to the rest of your organisation. We work with you to focus on:

  • Expanding the vision of your business (what it could be).
  • Defining your growth strategy.
  • Defining the tactical solutions required to deliver your strategy.
  • Identifying the funding required for each tactical solution.
  • Creating a funding road map (debt and equity) for the business.
  • Creating structures to enable the strategy, funding and asset protection.
  • Creating the formal governance the business needs CEO, CFO, CMO and bringing in the right board to maximise your growth!

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Business advisory that is real

Capital advisory (debt and equity) to set you up for long term growth!

Structuring and planning for your capital requirements is integral to making sure you can deliver on your short and long term growth activities. Whether you are seeking debt or equity, our solutions will ensure you are structured to maximise the capital you have available to you, with the right terms! We work across a number of sensitive areas including shareholder negotiations to protect your interests. You'll be able to move forward with confidence, as our advice makes sure that:

  • You have the right structures to maximise your borrowing capacity.
  • You have layered debt the right way to maximise borrowing capacity.
  • You are structured to access local and international government grants.
  • We minimise any existing shareholder dilution, by working through your capital mix.
  • Shareholder negotiations and terms are favourable to you.
  • You issue the correct shares, including share classes and rights, to protect your controlling interests.
  • You have the right financial instruments (debt, equity and hybrid instruments) and terms, to maximise your capital availability.

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    Business advice with solutions

    A business advisor with real capital solutions

    Get the funding certainty you need to move forward with confidence. We excel in our ability to provide unconventional funding solutions; due to the fact we have access to family office and investor capital. We specialise in creating private credit solutions, and work with several finance experts to ensure no stone is left unturned for your growth! Our solutions include:

    • Private debt solutions funded by family offices, to get you immediate capital.
    • Private credit solutions, funded by institutional investors for long term growth capital.
    • Engineering of new financial products to help you solve business problems. We've created several new products specifically for clients including underwriting, via our family office network.
    • Traditional funding (bank or second tier) through our network, to get you flexible terms.
    • Specialized asset finance solutions.
    • Access to government grants via our network of specialised grant providers.

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      Creating amazing businesses

      Are you business exit ready?

      What is business exit readiness? It is about putting you in a position of strength and ensuring all the necessary hygiene factors are in place for a high conviction sale! All too often business owners get consumed in doing the day to day but forget the necessary hygiene factors that must be put in place to make their business appealing for a sale. Not having these in place can cost you millions! Because we work with investment groups, we are familiar with what they require, and will ensure, "we dress the bride (make you ready)." We ensure you get a higher sale price by making sure that:

      • The company has the right structures
      • Key personnel have the right agreements.
      • Business financials are ready, with the right metrics.
      • Key supplier agreements are in place.
      • The business is self sufficient in operations.
      • Loss making business arms are divested from.
      • The story of the business and PR is known to the public, before a sale.

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      We have access to a broad range of accountants, made for you!

      We have access to a number of accountants that specialise in different industries and situations. We aren't paid commissions by these accountants, and we focus on making sure you have the right accountant for your business and more importantly your personality type! We know which accountants are worth their salt, and which aren't. Working with us means you'll have access to our exclusive network of seasoned and trusted accountants!

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      We have access to the right lawyer for every situation!

      Royce Stone Capital utilises over 8 different lawyers for its own affairs, as your business advisor we'll know which lawyer to use for your specific situation, that is also aligned with your stage of growth! Whether its tax law, asset protection, or corporate finance, we'll have the right lawyers at hand for you. We do not take commissions from lawyers.

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      Friendly Capital

      We source friendly capital that is coaligned with the ambitions of our business clients for each stage of their growth. This ensures we can provide various sources of capital for businesses as they evolve, from small to large businesses.

      When should i use a business advisor?

      Typically, business advisors are used when business owners are rapidly growing, are facing a difficulty, have cashflow issues or they are wishing to plan for their future success. At Royce Stone Capital we are focused on not only providing you with advice, but also capital solutions to help implement our advice. What is the point of just having advice with no backing? Wherever you at your business journey, whether you are going through a turnaround or growth, we will have a solution.

      What makes Royce Stone Capital business advisors unique?

      We aren't providing just advice; we are providing you with real world solutions. This comes in form of structures and the capital you need to turn around your situation or to grow! We have access to a range of capital sources. We work with family offices, investors, and institutional players, which lets us see things differently, and provide you with unique solutions.

      What is the difference between a busienss advisor and consultant?

      Business advisors usually solve more holistic problems, and will bring together several moving parts to solve a strategic or tactical issue. Consultants tend to have very specialised broad and narrow terms of engagement. As your future business advisor, you can be confident we have the resources and associates to solve your business issues.