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Secrets To Phenomenal Business Growth, Even If You’re New!


Video Transcript

Business Growth Funding

If you're watching this video it's most likely because you're a business owner that wants to maximize and accelerate the growth of his business and that's a beautiful thing. Because by helping you grow your business you're actually creating more jobs and employing more people which helps better the economy as a whole.

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Business cashflow

One of the key problems that growing businesses have is managing their expenses with their revenues. Especially if they're being paid on 30, 60 or 90 day terms, so for business supplying other businesses cash flow is a really important element to your success. It can either make a business or it can destroy a business now. I'm going to tell you today about a little secret that businesses use to fund their growth and that is invoice financing now.

Invoice financing a form of private lending

invoice financing is really simple so you just want a major contract and you've worried about how you're going to cover your costs, and often that point of difference between when you get paid and when you incur your expenses can cause a lot of business owners a lot of sleepless nights.

Urgent funding

So invoice financing is actually a great solution because what happens is a financier will come and then finance you a portion of your invoice up crack usually between 60% and up to 90%. Now what this does is it actually gives you the confidence to take on more work because you've got them paid up front.

How this form of invoice financing / private lending works

Now when that invoice is finally paid the financier will then deduct their fees from that paid invoice and then forward you the rest of the amount. Now that's really important because now you know you have the financial backing to take on more work and to cover your costs as you grow.

New businesss finance

So invoice financing is also good for new businesses and the reason it's good for new businesses is because often you new businesses don't have enough assets to provide as security to a bank. So by using your invoices as a form of security you're actually able to get finance up front.

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