Property Development Funding

A Private Network Designed For Property Development Success.

We looking at things holistically, and realise that property developers need speed and ease of funding! We help developers with planning how funds will be moved from one project to the next, and ensure the opportunity cost of any chosen project is minimised. We have purposely designed our RSC exclusive network to provide peace of mind to property developers. From family office backers for debt funding, to underwriting and presales for certain assets, to private wholesale construction onshore and offshore funds. Contact us to today, so you can move forward with conviction.

Property Development Analysis

Your Private Lending Advisor For Property Development In Melbourne

We understand that todays project will effect the implementation of tomorrows project. Which is why we believe in strategic and tactical planning of projects and capital.

Strategic And Tactical Planning.

1. Project feasibility and cost analysis: Maximising project GRV. Can this project be easily funded?

2. Project complexity: Profitability, time and opportunity cost (will this project rob us of future profits and time?)

3. Capital planning: How will capital move from one project to the next and when.

Capital Solutions

1. Site acquisition funding.

2. Underwriting.

3. Construction funding.

4. Exit refinance.

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    Development Funding

    Immediate Site Acquisition Funding & Residual Stock Facilities

    We understand the unique requirements of property developers to be able to fully leverage their capital. Whether capital is required for site acquisition funding, or an urgent refinance / residual stock facility, we can provide urgent funds to meet your needs. Providing sufficient security exists, we can offer deal terms that others can't. As such we help developers with;

    • Site acquisition funding, with higher LVRs than other lenders.
    • Residual stock facilities, with higher LVRs than other lenders.
    • Funds settled within 7 business days.
    • Interest can be paid monthly or capitalised, with interest only repayments.
    • Competitive lending rates for monthly interest payments.
    • Access to the RSC private family office and HNW investor groups for prompt solutions.

    Contact us today for prompt site acquisition funding or a residual stock facility.

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    Construction Funding

    Private Construction Funding

    With Royce Stone Capital, you will get immediate access to our wholesale onshore and offshore private funds that specialise in construction funding. Our funding partners have the capability to offer debt and equity, which separates them from other funders for deal sizes above $10M. Working with Royce Stone Capital, will allow you to get access to funding partners that offer;

    • Higher LVR than banks or second tiers.
    • No to low pre-sale requirements.
    • Equity capital contribution as needed on high profit projects.
    • Less serviceability and experience requirements than banks.
    • Are happy to take over projects, that may have encountered difficulty such as asbestos or incomplete jobs by other builders.

    Work with us today, to get a coaligned funding partner for your specific project!

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    The Property Development Funding Roadmap

    Royce Stone Capital, provides a unique service where we work with property developers to ensure that they have properly modelled out the feasibility of their projects. There are many costs, that property developers do not factor for along the journey, in specific when it comes to financing costs. We ensure that the funding roadmap, from site acquisition, to construction and exit refinance is properly estimated. Our advice helps ensure developers know what their true profitability of projects are, when deciding to take on a site or when comparing sites. Cost of capital is only one aspect we look at, we then examine the ease of attaining capital for that specific property development, the time cost of money for any presales that may be required, the project complexity and ability to easily achieve sales post completion. All these factors effect direct and indirect costs, project duration, profitability and more importantly the speed by which you can reinvest profits into the next project. With Royce Stone Capital you can be certain, you're not just getting advice, but practical effective advice so you can make the right decisions.

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    Site Acquisition Funding

    The most important part for a developer is being able to secure the right site for development. We also understand that property developers don't wish to lock in all their equity into one project. We educate clients on their options for securing a site. Whether it be providing advice for an option contract and terms, or a funding solution for immediate settlement. Because of the family office and high net worth investor clients we work with, we always have families that are more than happy to fund site acquisitions on very competitive terms and on short notice, with immediate delivery. Cash is king, and knowing you have the financial backing to move forward with conviction, allows you as a property developer to take advantage of market opportunities as they present themselves. Sites that typically may not be funded by banks or second tiers, are also funded by the families we work with. Things that typically banks wouldn't fund such as petrol stations or land banks are funded.

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    Construction Funding

    We provide end to end construction funding solutions tailored to the project at hand. We work with onshore and offshore funds, that provide construction facilities, with different funds specialising in different project types. Fundamentally this means that you could be working with a number of different funds to ensure you have the best capital behind you for each project type.