Coaligned Property Investments

Coaligned Property Development Investment

We ensure your interests are protected with our exclusive property development deals. A key feature of our projects, is that investors will only work with builder-developers that have borrowed funds through RSC! This allows us to see their payment history and project performance, as a form vetting. Investing in a property projects through RSC means you will be partnering with an experienced builder-developer, with over 20 years of experience. Why builder-developer? Because they work on much higher margins and have better control over project delivery. Key features to protect your interests are:

  • Investment into a individual project (not a group fund, or equity fund where capital is spread out).
  • The builder-developer is coinvesting their own funds with you into the project (they share the financial risk).
  • You hold a preferred equity position in the project (you get paid out first).
  • You hold a security position over the project if required (you can lodge a caveat).
  • You have first rights to buy a completed part of the project or retain equity and profit through ownership.
  • RSC manages all debt and equity in the project so you have complete oversight of financials.

Contact us today, to put your capital to work to earn a higher return with less risk!

Property Development Investment

What Makes Us Different! Control Is Fundamental!

We are in the business of servicing family office and HNW investors, that provide the private capital for RSC, which then goes to the businesses and property developers that borrow through us. This process allows us to determine who are good borrowers and who aren't! Working with coaligned builder-developers and not just developers, is a cornerstone for developing compelling investments. The key reason we work with builder-developers is:

  • The builder-developer has their own established workforce, this greatly reduces personnel, quality and delivery risks.
  • The builder-developer can identify build issues when doing a project feasibility, which typically most developers would not find.
  • The builder developer has significant sales experience and sales experts to offload the project.
  • Residential / commercial / industrial property development projects that are of a small to medium size.
  • The builder-developer is investing their own funds directly into the project with you.

Earn a return today on your money, with less risk and more control!

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