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Junior Developers and Permit Values



Permit value for funding

One of the key mistakes that we see Junior developers do is that they often overestimate the value a permit will give to a site, now the reality is this the value of the site is going to be determined by the feasibility of the project, and that feasibility can vary greatly based on building costs and what's being built and how a developer will look at a project.

How to avoid a funding shortfall

Consequently what happens is often a lot of Junior developers will get a permit approved but then because the feasibility doesn't Stack Up by a third party, they can't get funding for their sites so one of the key takeaway lessons is that Junior developers need to be mindful of, is that they need to get a third party to confirm the feasibility of the project so that if another developer were to take it over it would still work for them, and by confirming the feasibility of the project by a third party before the fact, what this also does is it helps them secure funding and ensure they have certainty

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