Royce Stone Capital

Private Business & Capital Growth

The private businesses that we select are compelling in nature, and by far offer our investor cohort the best returns. The nature of the businesses we select to invest in, ensure high capital growth and healthy yields on debt. We understand the debt and capital requirements of private companies better than most and we only work where there is a medium to long term co-alignment, between the shareholders, the lenders and the land lords we represent.

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Royce Stone Capital

Compelling Businesses

Our selected private companies are compelling in nature because they have competitive advantages over their competitors, sound balance sheets to deal with the commercial world and the appropriately experienced managerial attributes, to achieve the businesses sense of purpose.

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Royce Stone Capital

Investor Growth

We ensure that the correct investors are aligned with the right businesses, to ensure long term co-alignment. Our investor cohort is able to accelerate their wealth creation by:

  1. Investing directly into equity ownership of a private business
  2. Investing into secured debt with high yields
  3. Being a land lord of the business premises and receiving a high rent yield
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Direct ownership in a new or existing private business, that has a compelling business case. Following accelerated growth, our co alignment orientation provides a better IPO formulae than most of those currently provided.

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Convertible Notes

Using convertible notes allowing our investors to yield a high return on debt, and a free look at the performance of the business so that conversion to equity is more informed than usual.

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Business Land Lords

Commercial property investments for key private businesses provides our investor cohorts with an excellent opportunity to have a secured asset, earning a high yield where businesses are willing to pay a premium rent.