Fixed Interest Investments

We examine the broader macro economic environment, capital markets and the cost of credit. We then find markets and industry verticals where there is a high degree of market illiquidity and create solutions to finance businesses in those areas, providing there is adequate security.

We are able to offer businesses a quicker delivered solution for their immediate liquidity requirements than the time it takes for them to meet their bank manager. All this adds to investors being able to achieve a premium level of return for the inconveniences they solve.

Royce Stone Capital

Secured Loans

A growing number of businesses and property developers often require at short term notice immediate liquidity injections. By taking a first or second mortgage as security on assets, we are able to inject immediate cash flow to ensure business continuity. This ensures there is a high degree of security for investors with premium yields on debt. We often get involved for;

  • Short term to medium term working capital
  • Bridging loans
  • Funding for land acquisition for developers
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Royce Stone Capital

Underwriting Sales Contracts

We enter into renounceable sales contracts with developers which provides a form of underwriting for key property assets. This service ensures investors are able to achieve a premium return in addition to having the rights to assets at a significant discount to market price. This in turn enables developers access to cheaper costs of capital.

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