Fixed Interest Investments

Your capital should work for you!

The majority of our funds comes from family office, HNW's and other investment firms who require a return on capital, until such time compelling investment opportuties make themselves present on the ASX , private equity or other ventures.

Fixed Interest Investment

First Mortgage backed lending

As a investor lending your funds, you'll be lending your funds to businesses and property developers that require immediate funding injections. These borrowers typically require funds within the fortnight and can not wait for a bank, or they may be unable to meet all prerequisites of banks, or they may require more flexible terms than what a bank may offer. As a investor / lender you'll be taking a first mortgage as security on the provided security, which typically comes in the form of real estate. The loan to value ratio, will be determine on the liquidity and quality of the asset, as well as the funds needed by the borrower. Key features of these loans are

  • 3 month to 24 month loans
  • Interest only repayments, ranging from 6% to 12% p.a
  • LVR of 40% to 80%
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