We enable SMSFs to acquire the funds they need to grow wealth.

SMFSs are a great way to grow the long-term wealth of investors, providing they are in compliance with the SIS Act. We fund investors as well as business owners who wish to acquire their own business premises, using their SMSF.

SMSF LRBA Loans Without The Red Tape

SMSF Lending Solutions: Funds Delivered When Needed

We provide flexible, tailored and timely SMSF LRBA loans without the red tape of banks or second tier lenders. We pride our selves on being able to provide unorthodox and tailored client solutions providing sufficient security exists, mainly in the form of land or property. We do NOT require a minimum net asset position or liquidity requirement for the SMSF, as other lenders do. Key features of our product include:

  • Higher LVRs than banks or second tier lenders.
  • Competitive rates for a similar LVR compared to other lenders.
  • The option of interest only repayments.
  • We can settle deals in a matter of 10 working days.
Tactial opportunities
Loans For Property Acquisition

Why SMSF Vehicles Are Compelling For Business Owners

There are several compelling reasons as to why SMSFs Should be used by business owners.

  1. Business owners can use SMSFs to acquire their businesses premises. This then requires a market rate of rent to be paid to the SMSF, which income is taxed at the applicable SMSF rate.
  2. Business owners can use the SMSF structure as a way of ring fencing their assets from other creditors.
  3. Assets that are funded with a SMSF LRBA loan, are held in isolation from other assets within the SMSF. This means a lenders only point of recourse against the SMSF, is the asset they've funded.
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When Traditional Banking Doesn't Work

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First Mortgage Secured Loans

We are able to provide businesses with timely liquidity and with a low cost of capital, when a first mortgage is used as security within the groups mandate. Businesses are able to use their businesses assets or personal property as security for the loan.

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Second Mortgage Secured Loans

We are able to provide businesses with timely and risk adjusted rates, when a second mortgage is used as security. Businesses are able to use existing equity in their business' assets or personal property as security providing there is sufficient equity.

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Underwriting Services

We are able to provide developers with an underwriting service to enable them to achieve their pre sales obligations, allowing them to gain a lower cost of capital.