Property Development Funding

We provide holistic solutions for developers and landowners.

We deliver funding solutions to our clients quicker than traditional banks or second tier lenders. We act on two main fronts;

1. By providing higher LVRs for site acquisition at lower rates.

2. Providing a construction finance solution.

Developers or landowners can either select a traditional founding route or work in a JV capacity with equity groups we work with.

Development Funding

Site Acquisition Funding

We understand the unique requirements of developers to be able to fully leverage their capital, whilst not having capital unnecessarily deployed on sites until such time permits etc are approved. As such we help developers with;

  • Higher LVRs than other private lenders.
  • Funds settled within 7 business days.
  • Interest can be paid monthly or capitalised, with interest only repayments.
  • Competitive lending rates for monthly interest payments.
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Construction Funding

Construction Funding

We work with a number of investor and lender groups to offer distinct private lending solutions for construction finance. We can also blend these solutions with the equity capital we have access to. The benefits of our solutions include.

  • Higher LVR than banks or second tiers.
  • No to low pre-sale requirements.
  • Equity capital as needed on high profit projects.
  • We can organise residual stock facilities.
  • We can organise pre-sales through our network of agents.
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Property Development Funding

End To End Solutions

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Site Acquisition

We are able to provide developers with timely liquidity and with a low cost of capital, when a first mortgage is used as security to help purchase sites whilst permits are being worked on.

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Pre sales

We work with a network of sales agents to help you move stock as quickly as possible.

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Construction Funding

We provide end to end construction funding solutions tailored to the project at hand.