Non Bank Loans

We understand the needs of businesses & developers.

We tailor solutions for your specific needs and situation. Working with us means you will have direct access to family office and high net worth funds. Meaning a lower cost of capital and prompt delivery for the funds you need!

Mortgage Backed Lending

Private Lending: Funds Delivered As Needed

We provide immediate capital injections for business owners and developers because we understand the urgency of business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide unorthodox and tailored client solutions, where property is used as security. Where we cannot fund a deal ourselves, we have the networks to find you a solution. We provide the following.

  • Settlement within 7 business days or less.
  • 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage loans.
  • Loans up to $10M.
  • Low market rates
  • Interest only loans or capitalised interest.
  • Higher LVRs thank banks and most other private lenders.

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Tactial opportunities
Private First Mortgage or Second Mortgage Loans

Make Private Lending Work For You

Private lending is a great alternative when you need funds urgently, when a bank is unable to fund you or when you require a coaligned capital partner. It is important, that the deployment of funds leads to a higher return than the cost of capital or the inconvenience solved by the private loan warrants the cost. This is best achieved by talking to us, so we can formulate a solution specific to your needs. Things to consider when you take a loan are:

  1. The amount of capital you require.
  2. The duration you will require.
  3. The return on the borrowed capital or inconvenience solved.
  4. Your ability to service the debt (monthly, quarterly or capitalised).
  5. Your repayment strategy (refinance through a bank or another private or payout from a venture).

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When Traditional Banking Doesn't Work

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First Mortgage Secured Loans

We specialise in offering first mortgage loans, at a higher LVR than most private lenders and at lower rates for the level of risk we are taking. This ultimately puts us in a unique position to solve the challenges of good borrowers that wish to build strong relationships.

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Second Mortgage Secured Loans

We are able to provide businesses with timely and risk adjusted rates, when a second mortgage is used as security. Businesses are able to use existing equity in their business' assets or personal property as security providing there is sufficient equity.

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Site Acquisition Funding

We specialise in helping developers acquire sites at competitive rates in metropolitan melbourne. Enquire Now