Non Bank Loans

We unlock the equity in assets, allowing businesses to more effectively manage their cashflows.

Working with us means you’ll have access to family office funds and international institutional funding through our group structure. Meaning a lower cost of capital and tailored product for your individual circumstances.

Mortgage Backed Lending

Private Lending: Funds Delivered As Needed

We are a leading non bank lender, that is able to provide cost effective liquidity injections in a timely fashion. We pride our selves on being able to provide unorthodox and tailered client solutions providing sufficient security exists, mainly in the form of land or property. Our mandate is as follows;

  • 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage loans.
  • Loans up to $10M.
  • Loan terms up to a maximum of 60 months.
  • Interest only loans or capitalised interest.
  • Higher LVRs thank banks and most other private lenders.
  • Low market rates as we work directly with family offices and institutional funds.
Tactial opportunities
Loans For Property Acquisition

Private Lending Developer Loans

For developers we provide two avenues of service, the first is by providing secured loans for the purchase of land or as needed underwriting services.

  1. Land bank loans. / Land Banking loans.
  2. Site acquisition loans.
  3. Underwriting commercial assets for developers to enable traditional sources of funding.
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When Traditional Banking Doesn't Work

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First Mortgage Secured Loans

We are able to provide businesses with timely liquidity and with a low cost of capital, when a first mortgage is used as security within the groups mandate. Businesses are able to use their businesses assets or personal property as security for the loan.

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Second Mortgage Secured Loans

We are able to provide businesses with timely and risk adjusted rates, when a second mortgage is used as security. Businesses are able to use existing equity in their business' assets or personal property as security providing there is sufficient equity.

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Underwriting Services

We are able to provide developers with an underwriting service to enable them to achieve their pre sales obligations, allowing them to gain a lower cost of capital.