Equity & Debt Raising

Debt and equity solutionsfor publicly listed and private companies.

Our solutions includes a range of equity, debt-equity, debt and underwriting solutions that ensures any new or existing business has sufficient liquidity to achieve its ambitions over the long term, providing co-alignment exists.

Royce Stone Capital

Listed Companies

We are able to help businesses drive change, by injecting timely liquidity. We do this through a range of equity, debt equity and debt instruments, to ensure businesses are able to achieve their ambitions, whilst keeping their share dilution to a minimum. We typically support businesses when;

  • There is shortfall in capital raising.
  • Capital is required, and they do not wish to dilute their share base.
  • Short term liquidity is required, due to project delays .
  • Long term project capital is required but do not wish to dilute the share base at a low price.
Royce Stone Capital

Our Impact

Businesses trust us because we have the ability to grow or transform a business, because of the type of investor capital we have available. We align the right investor capital with the right business opportunities, ensuring environments of co alignment.

  • Seed Capital
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Capital Raises
  • Underwriting
  • Convertible Notes
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