Equity & Debt Raising

Debt and equity solutions for publicly listed and private companies.

Our solutions includes a range of equity, debt-equity, debt and underwriting solutions that ensures any new or existing business has sufficient liquidity to achieve its ambitions over the long term, providing co-alignment exists.

Capital Raising

Listed Companies

We are able to help businesses drive change, by injecting timely liquidity. We do this through a range of equity, debt equity and debt instruments, to ensure businesses are able to achieve their ambitions, whilst keeping their share dilution to a minimum. We typically support businesses when;

  • There is a shortfall in capital raising.
  • Capital is required, and they do not wish to dilute their share base.
  • Short term liquidity is required, due to project delays.
  • Long term project capital is required but they do not wish to dilute the share base at a low price.
Capital Raising

Private Companies

We understand the unique requirements of growing private businesses, and their concerns when it comes to unnecessarily diluting themselves or selling equity at a discount. We only work with growing profitable businesses and do not get involved in venture capital or seed capital. We develop unique pathways for growing businesses to get the funds they need to ensure they can maximise their future potential value. We help private businesses in the following ways;

  • Pre-ipo capital funding.
  • M&A.
  • Growth pathways to IPO or private sale.
  • Convertible notes and secondary debt instruments.
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