Engineering Capital Solutions

We first engineer capital solutions for our clients problems, and then we execute on delivering those solutions.

All too often businesses enter bank loans that are not conducive or optimal to their success. We therefore analyse our client’s requirements, engineer solutions and then we execute on delivering them.

Holisic Capital Advice

Engineered Capital Solutions For You

We analyse our client’s capital requirements and then we engineer tailored solutions. This is comprised of debt and equity soloutions. We are one of the very few in the industry that look at both traditional and non-traditional sources of capital. In most cases bank funding is simply one part of the funding solution that often businesses outgrow due to little planning being done initially, we mitigate this through our planning. Our solutions look at:

  • Present and future capital requirements of the business.
  • Sources of traditional capital including business loans from banks.
  • Sources of non-traditional funding, eg private lending.
  • Lenders and investors that are aligned with the business.
  • Methods by which weighted average cost of capital can be reduced.
  • Capital utilisation and deployment within the business.
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Business Loans

Bank Coalignment

We ensure that the banks our clients are working with are coaligned with our client’s long-term ambitions. Our banking partners are informed as to what their role is in the overall capital solution, and thus we ensure there is synergy between all sources of funding. We ensure that:

  1. Bank business loans rates are conducive to our client’s growth.
  2. Our clients have several permitted facilities.
  3. We can provide wholesale bank funding solutions where it makes business sense to.
  4. Bank terms that can grow with the requirements of our clients.
  5. Business loans are aligned with our clients industry and business type.
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Alternative Solutions

When Traditional Banking Doesn't Work